8 May 2019 / København V, Denmark
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8 May 2019
København V, Denmark
Danish IP Fair 2019

Danish IP Fair 2018

Watch a short film from the 2018 edition of Danish IP Fair: 

Or watch DI´s coverage of the 2018 event here

Stats from Danish IP Fair 2018:

At Danish IP Fair 2018 4,000 new contacts were established among the more than 500 participants. 4 months after the event, more than 60% of participants were still in dialogue with of or more of the people they met at the event. 


- Extremely relevant meeting and very well organised in excellent surroundings. This should certainly continue as a yearly event and over time it may grow in one of several directions.

- The meeting concept and the internet based database to see and find people to meet with is amazing addition to these type of events. I really can not tell you how wonderful this concept is and it should be marketed to conference organizers everywhere!

- Best compliments for your organization, the food and beverage, the facilities and the nice spirit I found at the fair. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate this year!


H. C. Andersens Boulevard
København V, Denmark

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